About us

Bioenex OÜ is an wood fuel supply company, which was established by wood fuel products manufactures to supply premium quality products from the Baltics.

BioEnEX OÜ is a major supplier of following products: bark briquettes, heat logs (wood briquettes) and kindlings.

With our work we have proven that our company is a reliable and stabile partner both for Bioenex OÜ customers and partners. 

Company's main markets are Germany, The United Kingdom, Ireland,  Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Denmark, Slovakia and Sweden.

Our market expertise and long term relationship with our partners grants us opportunity to offer :

  • the higest quality woodfuel products ;
  • large quantities of the products;
  • competitive prices;
  • reliable and timely deliveries;
  • accurate compliance with all contractual obligations and customer demands.

Bioenex OÜ currently focuses on expanding customer relationships and increasing supply volumes of wood fuel products.



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